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Diet Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon

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Our body needs nutrients, proteins and minerals to work efficiently and to perform many activities. We get these minerals and required other nutrients from the food we Eat. Our body takes essential nutrients from the food we eat. Eating healthy diet is very important to have good and healthy body. Healthy and balanced diet protects us from many infections and other illnesses. Intake of wide variety of healthy foods in right amounts is called balanced diet. Balanced diet improves immunity and protects us from various diseases. Balanced diet keeps us away from many diseases like obesity, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

Diet plays an important role in protecting us from seasonal changes and seasonal diseases and infection. Monsoon along with cold weather and beautiful rains also brings several health issues like infections, food borne, water borne and air borne diseases. Healthy and balanced diet is very essential in monsoon to protect ourselves.

Diet tips to follow in Monsoon :

  • Eat fresh fruits like apples, pomegranate, pears and many others after washing thoroughly to get energy and to improve immunity.
  • Include lots of fresh vegetables in your diet to get required nutrients for the body.
  • Increase the intake of soups, soups increases immunity and protects us from common cold and cough.
  • Add garlic in your diet like in soups and curries to increase immunity.
  • Include bitter guard, turmeric and methi to avoid infections.
  • Drink lots of water and be hydrated. Water helps to flush out bacteria and other viruses from the body.
  • Do not consume leftovers in monsoon as they may get contaminated and can cause food borne diseases.
  • Consume green fresh leafy vegetables after washing them properly with salted water.
  • Eat steamed vegetables instead of raw vegetables as they may have germs and other bacteria on them in monsoon.
  • Avoid street food, junk food and stored food to avoid food borne and water borne diseases.
  • Drink boiled and purified water in monsoon. Water easily gets contaminated in monsoon and leads to water borne diseases like typhoid, food poisoning and many more.
  • Have herbal tea instead of normal tea and coffee. Herbal tea improves immunity and keeps infections away. Tea and coffee leads to dehydration.
  • In cool weather of monsoon we crave for spicy food, it is not healthy to have spicy food in monsoon as it may lead to skin infections and dehydration.
  • Always wash your hands before and after eating food to avoid diseases.
  • Eat food in small and moderate amounts to avoid indigestion problems. Our body takes time to digest the food in monsoon.
  • Avoid oily foods in monsoon as they trigger digestion problems.
  • Take warm milk with turmeric to avoid cold and cough and also to improve immunity.

Spices like jeera powder, ginger, garlic, hing and pepper improves our health in monsoon.
Along with healthy diet, regular exercising and hygiene also are very crucial in monsoon to be healthy and infections free.


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